Climbing Route Conditions

In the summer, this section provides updated route condition information for select climbing routes and some of the more popular approaches and descents in Grand Teton National Park.  

Please be aware:
  • Many of these approaches and descents remain snow-covered throughout much of the summer season.  
  • The ability to properly use an ice axe and/or crampons may be required to ensure safe travel.  
  • Consult more than one guidebook and visit the Jenny Lake Ranger Station for additional information. 
  • Make sure you know your descent route!
  • Trailhead parking lots are extremely busy places in July and August!  Expect popular ones to be full by 9:00 am or earlier!  Carpool when possible or consider procuring a hiker shuttle/taxi service from the town of Jackson to avoid frustration and causing damage to adjacent vegetation.  Camping is not allowed in parking lots.